Wonderful Review of Metaverse Developer Training Camp

The Metaverse Developer Training Camp came to an end last week. To better and more comprehensively help developers participating in the course project, WhiteMatrix invited speakers from industry-leading organizations to participate in the ecological empowerment exchange meeting and capital matchmaking exchanges. There held one-to-one in-depth communication with developers.

WhiteMatrix invited Xu Yutao, chief innovation technology consultant of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. Omni-channel Business Unit, Zhang Yuanjie, co-founder of Conflux Tree-map, founder of MetaZ, a research think tank of Metaverse and Future Assets, chief consultant of NFT China, and Chen Chen, NFT consultant of FT Chinese. Foreword, Amber, head of Dapper labs China, and Jade Chen, head of HECO marketing, participated in the ecological empowerment exchange meeting. In addition, Jiyuan Universe Capital partner Tao Rongqi, Hashkey Capital Portfolio Manager Zhao Yinrui Jacob, Yunqi Fangda management partner Yao Jingyi, A&T Capital researcher Chen Zelin Jeffrey to participate in the capital matchmaking exchange meeting.

The guests shared the industry prospects from the perspective of investors at the exchange meeting, and at the same time inspired developers to start developing Metaverse. Let’s take a look at the wonderful views shared during the meeting.

Ecological Empowerment Exchange

Xu Yutao, the chief innovation technology consultant of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., shared a speech on “Microsoft empowers partners to build a digital ecosystem”. He started from Microsoft’s products and services that support blockchain. He also said that Microsoft is a technology-driven company that has been actively embracing emerging technologies and constantly innovating in the field of technology so that products have better resilience to empower more partners.

Over the years, the senior director of AntChain and the person in charge of NFT business shared a speech on “An Introduction to AntChain NFT Business and Cooperation Model”. He briefly introduced the strategic layout of Ant Group in blockchain and explained the evolution process of NFT. Global transaction ecological classification and NFT case of IP co-branding. At the same time, he also mentioned that AntChain can help artists and original creators realize value through NFT technology and platform capabilities, and shared Ali’s urban exploration in the metaverse.

Luo Xuemeng from Conflux shared the topic of “Metaverse Entrepreneurship”. She divided the metaverse into four below-mentioned aspects:

1. Digital collectibles

2. Virtual world

3. Trading platform

4. Game ecology,

using ON1 Force, Decentraland, OpenSea, and Roblox cases, lively and concrete explanation. At the same time, she introduced the Conflux community ecological incentive process and the ecological review and acceptance process in detail. She said that Conflux will continue to strengthen the development of the community ecology in the future.

Chen Xu, the founder of MetaZ, the chief consultant of NFT China, and the NFT consultant of FT Chinese, the founder of MetaZ and the future asset research think tank MetaZ, shared the topic “How does the metaverse cross the bull and bear?” He started from the perspective of actually starting a business in the metaverse, Explain how to find a healthy development path in the volatility of bulls and bears. Chen Xu believes that empathy is the most important value of the meta-universe, and virtual identity will be the most basic social need of everyone in the metaverse, rather than relying on technology and not being controlled by time. These three elements can be preserved in the crossing of bulls and bears.

Amber, the head of Dapper labs China, shared “How to participate in the Flow ecology?”, Why choose the Flow chain?, the latest development of the Flow ecology, and the way developers participate in the Flow ecology are explained for everyone. She introduced in detail that there are three ways to participate in the Flow ecosystem through Flow’s Chinese Ambassador Program, Flow Promotion Proposal, and Development Projects on Flow.

Jade Chen, head of HECO marketing, shared the topic of “How HECO Empowers Developers Ecosystem”. She introduced the HECO public chain, HECO ecology, and HECO’s attempts in the metaverse. At the same time, she also shared the direction that HECO focuses on the metaverse track and a series of support plans for developers in terms of ecology.

Capital Matchmaking Conference

Tao Rongqi, a partner of Metaverse Capital, brought everyone a sharing of “Let’s save mankind together”. He briefly introduced Meta Universe Capital and its philosophy. He believes that Metaverse is a goal that mankind needs long-term efforts to achieve in the future. He believes that the current metaverse is still in its early stages, time and creativity are scarce elements, and NFT is only a transitional product. There are more scenarios in the metaverse waiting for everyone to explore. At the same time, he also believes that Eastern culture will have the opportunity to show in the world in the future. Its influence.

Hashkey Capital Portfolio Manager Zhao Yinrui brought you the “NFT & Metaverse Investment Sharing”. He briefly introduced Hashkey, its investment philosophy, and track investment. He explained the blockchain from three aspects: encrypted artwork, chain games, and JPG NFT. social practice. He believes that NFT pricing is difficult to be clear and liquidity is poor. NFT re-creation and derivatives may be a direction for future development. At the same time, the development of metaverse needs to rely on blockchain technology to open up the underlying infrastructure and be supplemented by more applications. Go full and perfect.

Yao Jingyi, the managing partner of Yunqi Fangda, shared the topic of “The Economic System of the Game World” for everyone. She started from the digital economy of the physical world and explained in detail the development stage of blockchain integration with the digital economy. In addition, she believes that Metaverse has four elements: sustainability, immersion, openness, and economic system. She also explained the Veblen effect and scarcity of GameFi and MMORPG, production materials and production technology, inflation and liquidity, and Announce the four differences between policy design and supervision.

Chen Zelin, a researcher at A&T Capital and chairman of blockchain at USC, shared the topic “How will Gamefi affect Gen Z?” He started from the role played by Gen Z in the future economic system, and explained his belief that user-generated interfaces, beneficial effects, Scalability + adaptability, social interaction + teamwork, and virtual identity are the five major factors that affect whether a chain game can reach the top. At the same time, he also said that the metaverse will definitely be the habitat of the human spiritual world in the future.

The ecological empowerment exchange meeting and the capital matchmaking exchange meeting gave Metaverse developers exclusive resources, and many industry leaders helped developers answer their questions. At the same time, the two sides also had in-depth exchanges and discussions, and the activities were very enthusiastic.

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