WhiteMatrix successfully conducted BMDS2021 Blockchain Multimedia Data Science Seminar

On 27 April 2021, University of Alberta and WhiteMatrix, Nanjing, Technology Co., Ltd. jointly organized BMDS 2021 blockchain multimedia data science seminar was held smoothly. Seminar started on 27 April and continued onwards 30 April, ended for 4 days. The seminar was held on daily basis at 10:00 China time, including keynote speeches, round table discussions and other links.

The series of seminars mainly focused on the research and sharing of blockchain and data science, and mainly focused on the intersection of blockchain knowledge and multimedia data science, conduct in-depth discussions, and collide with sparks of thinking.

Director of the Alberta Media Research Center Dr. Irene Cheng

First, Dr. Irene Cheng introduced the guests to participate in seminars and timing, and participate in the global BMDS 2021 welcomed guests seminars. She hopes that through this seminar, more people will have a better understanding of blockchain and multimedia data science .

Dean of Alberta College of Science Dr. Matina Kalcounis Rueppel

President of the Alberta College of Dr. Matina Kalcounis Rueppel was invited for opening speech , she introduced the basic situation as well as the University of Alberta Faculty of guests to participate in a global seminar, University of Alberta and experts for participants A warm welcome from scholars. I am very happy about this online seminar jointly organized with WhiteMatrix, especially the founding team WhiteMatrix Wu Xiao and Zhang Shuyi are alumni of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alberta. Being able to actively explore in the blockchain field, maintain close contact with the University of Alberta, and conduct academic exchanges together is conducive to the integration and development of blockchain, multimedia and data science.

Wu Xiao, Head of Yangtze River Blockchain International Innovation Center, General Manager of Nanjing Pure White Matrix Technology Co., Ltd.

After that, Wu Xiao, CEO of WhiteMatrix, gave an opening speech. Wu Xiao welcomed all the guests and expressed expectations for the future application of blockchain technology. Finally, Wu Xiao said that as a graduate of Albert University, he was very happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with his alma mater to conduct this blockchain multimedia data research seminar .

Zhang Shuyi, Chief Technology Officer of Pure White Matrix

Zhang Shuyi, Chief Technology Officer of WhiteMatrix, took “Analysis of Blockchain” as the theme, explained the “principles of Blockchain” and the difference between traditional database and blockchain technology, and discussed the application of blockchain technology in data science. Advantages: In addition, it introduces the application of blockchain technology in the direction of today, such as the related applications of blockchain in many fields such as medical care, finance, and law. Finally, it was discussed that when blockchain meets data science, we can optimize consensus through AI , so that blockchain and data science can complement each other and generate more sparks .

Dr. Marcin Mizianty, Vice President of Data Science, AltaML

Finally , Dr. Marcin Mizianty, vice president of data science at AltaML, gave some related explanations on “data science”, such as “the history of data science”, “the relationship between data science and statistics” and so on. At the same time give a thought “ how do we define a problem, while extracting the answer we want from the data center “.

Students, interested to learn about blockchain technology are suggested to visit our social media channels to know more, all the videos for this event and other events can be found on our YouTube channel.



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