The NFT Builder Competition Concluded Successfully

The NFT Builder Competition was completed successfully with more than 100 projects submitted, and four were selected as the final winners.

On 9th September 2022, the NFT Builder Competition jointly organized by ChainIDE and AWS came to a successful conclusion. The event received extensive attention and enthusiastic support from Web3 and NFT enthusiasts. Hundreds of ideas and projects were received during this event. After the initial evaluation, 10 outstanding project teams were invited to participate in the online live demo on 2nd September 2022.

On the day of the live broadcast of the NFT Builder Competition Demo, 10 outstanding project parties such as StockX3, My First NFT, Viide, etc. took turns to present their projects. More than 500 viewers watched the live broadcast, and the audience scored on the spot, combined with the judges’ scores, the final result was obtained.

Winning Projects

1. Web3 Secret Club


Web3 Secret Club was created by the Web3 Hacker DAO team and is based on the ERC1155 standard. It is a platform that allows any organization or individual to create one or more “Web3 Secret Clubs” at any time. Creators can create content in the club without restrictions, and all content can freely define membership level permissions (that is, set the number of unlocking tokens required). This will bring certain benefits to the Web3 creator economy and explore a new paradigm of membership level model. The follow-up team will continue to improve the PoC product and continue to receive market feedback to improve product functions.

Web3 Secret Club can be applied in a wide range of scenarios. In the early stage, it will focus on ERC721 NFT project parties and develop corresponding functions to support valuable NFT project parties to continue to create and obtain reasonable income in the Web3 world.

The Best NFT Creative Award

2. MM3 NFT


MM3 is an NFT based on EIP-3664 technology initiated by Amethyst and authorized by Marilyn Monroe’s estate company, with a total of 6226 NFTs issued. This is the first avatar class NFT that is upgradable, modifiable, addable, removable, splitable, and composable. NFT holders can replace some parts of the avatar (clothing, hair, earrings, and necklaces), each of which can be traded separately on the secondary market. The avatar and each part (hair, necklace, earrings, and fashion) can be traded or given away individually or together.

The MM3 team has rich experience and resources in brand cooperation. The Monroe CGI launched earlier, has worked closely with Miu Miu, Fendi, and other brands. MM3’s short- to medium-term goal is to expand the reach of the community through valuable brand collaborations. MM3 is planning to collaborate with many respected designers, brands, and artists, and will create co-branded styles with other brands. In the long run, MM3 hopes to further increase the IP value of MM3 through the construction plan of virtual people and metaverse experiences.

The Best NFT Design Award

3. Viide


Viide is Web3’s native NFT display and interactive product series, including a 10.1-inch desktop photo frame and a 22–55-inch digital mural. Viide includes a hardware encryption module to protect user data security; supports real-time reading and aggregation analysis of on-chain data, and distributes information according to address attributes; has an integrated software architecture with multiple terminals, a sophisticated economic model, and a complete ecological plan.

Viide aims to create a “decentralized window network”, using “screen” as a carrier to link B-end project parties and C-end users, allowing all participants to benefit from immersive NFT interactions.

The Best NFT Application Award


For C-end users, is a WL information aggregation and WL claim process management platform. For B-end users, is not only an automated whitelist management tool but also a community growth platform.

Project parties can publish promotion tasks (RT, LIKE, tag friends) through, and the platform will automatically verify the completion of the tasks, which greatly saves moderators time and maximizes community interaction. can help monitor the activity of community members in the community, reduce the workload of community administrators, and fully support and meet the needs of users and project parties.

The Best NFT Potential Award

Outstanding Projects

NFT Rainbow

The ChainIDE team is very thankful to all the participants. All the teams did a great job and build amazing stuff. We will keep organizing these kinds of events in the future too, to stay updated with the upcoming events, join us on our media channels below. Thanks

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