Global Metaverse Bootcamp

Important Dates

Important Links


  1. From Blockchain to Metaverse
  2. Metaverse for Social Good: Thoughts from University Perspective
  3. Bridge Web2 and Web3, Metaverse and Middleware
  4. Why Crypto Art Brings Freedom to Artists?
  5. Concise Expressions on Voxel Art
  6. ChainIDE and Dapp Development
  7. Blockchain Game Design
  8. How Blockchains and Smart Contracts Revolutionize the Economy
  9. Opportunities of Defi and NFT in Metaverse
  10. GamingFi: Building a sustainable gaming economy
  11. Master of Blockchain Game- Game CreatorDX
  12. The architecture of the blockchain Game
  13. Master of Blockchain: Hands-on Experience of Blockchain
  14. How Matrix World will change the way, we work, play, and stay in the future
  15. How Blockchain Gaming is Taking the Crypto Ecosystem to the Next Level


  1. Xiao Wu: CEO of White Matrix
  2. Han Tang, Founder of CryptoC and Art Gallery “FengChao”
  3. Shuyi Zhang: CTO of White Matrix
  4. Yilei Zhao: Director of Ecosystem at White Matrix
  5. Xinyan Kong, CEO of Game Creator
  6. Blair Qu: CBO of White Matrix
  7. Amber: Director of Dapper Labs China
  8. Suji Yan: Founder of Mask Network
  9. Prof. Wei Cai: Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  10. Han Tang: Founder of CryptoC and Art Gallery “FengChao”
  11. Nova: Chairman of the managing board at Cthuwork&NA

What you’ll gain?

  • An immersive experience of the whole process of blockchain game development
  • Access to global metaverse ecosystem resources
  • Opportunities for the industry’s top capital provide
  • Get to know the most dynamic technology developers around the globe and organize a team to develop projects
  • Exceptional projects will be rewarded at completion



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Matrix Dapp Editor

Matrix Dapp Editor

Social Media Coordinator at White Matrix.