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  • YIELD App

    YIELD App

    YIELD App offers the easiest way to invest in DeFi using crypto or traditional currencies, regardless of your financial or technological level of expertise.

  • JS_MetaMask


    Writer, team MetaMask.

  • Lori Corpuz

    Lori Corpuz

    Business Development & Marketing @ Tidal Finance. Based in Puerto Rico, regularly in SF & NYC. Previously Crypto Hedge Funds, IBanking, VC, and JP Morgan.

  • Zachary DeWitt

    Zachary DeWitt

    Partner @ Wing VC

  • Kevin Choi

    Kevin Choi

    Computer Science PhD Student | NYU, Columbia | https://kevinchoi.io

  • My 2 Satoshis

    My 2 Satoshis

  • Etienne


    Something interesting

  • Joe Lonsdale

    Joe Lonsdale

    Joe Lonsdale is a founding partner at 8VC, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund.

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