Ethereum Hackathon 2021!

Openness, Freedom, and Increment

On the morning of May 14, the opening ceremony of the hackathon jointly hosted by the Rebase community, ETHPlanet community, and WhiteMatrix was successfully held both online and offline. More than 100 developers from more than 30 teams from all over the country participated in this event.

The hackathon was divided into five offline competition areas: Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The Nanjing event is provided by the Blockchain International Innovation Center, Building 9, Yangzijiang New Financial Demonstration Zone, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City. The venue and equipment are provided by Nanjing Pure White Matrix Technology Co., Ltd. to provide technical guidance for the competition.

The theme of this hackathon is “Openness, Freedom, and Increment”, allowing hackers to build Ethereum-based product prototypes within 48 hours, aiming to prosper the Ethereum developer ecosystem. The winning team will receive bonuses, technology and resources. support. At 10 am, the host Frozen introduced the concept of the hackathon online and announced the official start of the opening ceremony of the hackathon. Then, participants from Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen respectively shared the competition projects prepared by their teams.

Among them, the person in charge of the commitable team in the Nanjing Division briefly introduced that his team is mainly composed of hackers targeting software system security and blockchain security. Their team will combine the theme of this competition “open, free, and incremental” , Use the digital assetization tools and related technologies provided by the blockchain to design an open source community software for global developers.

Then, Zhang Shuyi, the instructor of the Nanjing Division, gave a brief speech on the hackathon, sharing some previous experiences of participating in the hackathon, and at the same time expounding good expectations for the success of the hackathon. Finally, Frozen , the head of the Rebase community , gave a detailed explanation of the entry process and rules. So far, the opening ceremony of this hackathon was successfully held.

Facing the prize pool worth 20,000 DAI for this event, more than 100 participating members from different competition areas in Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen entered the 48 -hour extreme programming after completing the team formation.

Participating members of the Nanjing Division were on the scene with creative ideas based on the theme of “Openness, Freedom, and Increment”, and their brains were opened up, and they had heated discussions with each other.

In the demo session of the schedule, the projects of 25 teams successfully completed full-featured and complete demonstrations. Among them , the projects of 5 teams were unanimously approved by the instructor and won the top three in this competition.

The first prize team of this competition:

The committable team in Nanjing Division

Project: Open source software NFT ecological platform

Solve the main points:

1. Developers pay wisdom and hard work for star projects, but it is difficult to benefit from them

2. It is difficult for small and medium-sized projects to incentivize contributors, and it is difficult to attract senior developers Solution: Create a free and open open source software NFT ecosystem to achieve positive incentives and healthy growth

The second prize team of this competition:

The Shitplanet team in the Shanghai Division

Project: Blackhole for Shit Tokens

Solve the pain point: build a clean and active community in the era of various tokens

Solution: Through the act of burning altcoins in the community, grant users a limited edition NFT. Users can participate in democratic governance through the power of NFT and use our platform tokens to build a clean and active community

The third prize team of this competition:

Rostra team in Beijing

Project: Decentralized Autonomous School

Solve the main points:

1. Transform the modern education’s concept of treating people as professional products

2. Reduce the cost of individualization of modern education

3. Real-time update of modern education knowledge

Solution: People with educational ideals start their own schools and make the school run through social donations. All people can donate to the school and share knowledge

As the organizer of this competition one of white matrix has been committed to building innovative , freedom, openness of the developer community ecology, and vigorously promote the hackathon culture. Wu Xiao, the person in charge of Pure White Matrix , is also one of the judges of this competition. He shared in the competition : “ I hope there will be more friends who love the hackathon culture , continue to challenge themselves , and use innovation to make the world become more cool . “

This Ethereum hackathon brought together a group of free-spirited developers. Through this event, developers shared and discussed the technology and community progress of the Ethereum ecosystem, and obtained a lot of dry goods about blockchain technology and NFT . At the same time In-depth exchanges and learning were also conducted, and the hackathon was successfully concluded!

Students interested to learn about blockchain technology are suggested to visit our social media channels to know more, all the videos for this event and other events can be found on our YouTube channel.



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