2022 Binance Smart Chain & ChainIDE Developer Bootcamp Team Project Competition

A guide to making a team for 2022 BSC&ChainIDE Developer Bootcamp, completing a project, and getting rewards

1. Team Project Demo Includes the following:

★ A Smart contract

★ A Front-end display

★ A presentation video (3 minutes)

Project topics for this Bootcamp include but are not limited to blockchain games, Metaverse, Socialfi, NFT, and any other dapp developed on Binance Smart Chain.

2. What will You Get if You win the Team Project?

★ Customized NFTs will be awarded to those who participate and finish the team project.

★ The top team will be awarded $2500.

★ The 2nd place team will be awarded $1500.

★ The 3rd place team will be awarded $1000.

3. Who is Qualified to Participate in the Team Project?

Participants who fill out the registration form will be qualified to participate in the team project. If your friends want to participate in the team project with you, but they have not registered yet, they still have a chance to join by filling in the registration form before Feb. 18th, 18:00 PST.

4. How to Join/Form a Team and Find Your Teammates?

We have prepared two registration forms for all participants. One is a team entry, and the other is an individual entry. The links for both are given below:

  1. Team registration link: https://bit.ly/3gGMAGW
  2. Individual participant registration link: https://bit.ly/3GSh03v

The registration DDL is Feb. 18th, 18:00 PST.

We all understand that it is challenging to realize collaborative work with an unfamiliar team in a short time period. Thus we hope that developers could communicate and collaborate as much as they can in the process of teaming and projecting, be respectful to each other, and stay strong!

5. Suggested Division of Roles & Responsibilities :

We suggest that each team has at least five members. Taking into account the actual situation, this team can be flexible from 01 to 07 members. A team should have a whole set of required people to complete the project. A project will need the following skills:

· Designing

· Development (coding)
- Front-end (HTML, CSS, JS, etc)
- Backend (Solidity, Python, etc)

· Testing

· Project presentation

6. DDL for Submitting Team Projects

March 04, 23:59 PST


·How to submit


·Submit Repository Address




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