2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival

Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival

Blockchain has got and continuously getting much attention from everyone recently, especially NFT and Metaverse are top trending topics in the blockchain world, some have earned millions of dollars by selling their NFTs, some have been prepared, and some are preparing for Metaverse creation, experience, and a new demand for the industry for creating Metaverse objects seem raised and expected to rise more in near future. We are facing an era of transition from the physical world to the virtual world in all directions. Blockchain is continuously introducing more and more ideas and implementations every day.

The prevalence of the virtual world predates the epidemic, but it has never been so prosperous and vivid as it is now, and virtual life is becoming normal day by day. This is the promised land of the wanderers and the underachievers in the physical world. It grows like a huge shadow in the physical world, and finally swallows and surpasses itself.

In early 2021, digital artist Beeple’s work “5000 Days” has been sold for nearly $70 million in the world’s top auction house Christie’s. After that, numerous artists and companies including NBA players, Manchester United, AC Milan, Twitter CEO, The Associated Press, Gucci, and Fox have successively launched their own NFT digital works, causing an upsurge of creating digital IP on the chain.

In order to remember such a highly digital generation and to present the latest achievements of contemporary art in the virtual world, ChainDD, TMTPost Media Group, CryptoC, and METACHI jointly launched the first “Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival”, which was held in “The Crypto Folding Park” from August 7th to August 10th.

Virtual art is the art of times, under the evolution of technology, art renews its own ways of existence, and also reproduces the ongoing revolution of our time. This was the original intention of the Cyber Beijing Art festival: Leap the virtual world or nothing.

There were 04 main highlights for the festival:

Highlight 1: Centralized Appreciation of World-renowned Digital Artworks

About 200+ artworks, 180+ digital artists, and 80+ well-known guests in the crypto industry participated in the “2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival”. Many exhibits by famous NFT artists at home and abroad will make close observations available.

A. Song: tong, The folwer that does not exist B. DunHuang Dreaming Q, C. EXCALIBUR: PRAYABLE (Nagoshi no Harae)

Highlight 2: On-chain and Offline Exhibition, Real and Fantasy Intertwined

A. TMTPost Innovation Park (also known as “Folding Park”), B. The Crypto folding park

“The Crypto Folding Park” is a virtual exhibition hall on the chain of the “2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival”. It took nearly two months to design and build by the team of ChainDD, TMTPost, Crypto C and National Architect Cthuwork. “The Crypto Folding Park “ is based on the prototype of Beijing TMTPost Innovation Park (also known as “Folding Park”).

Some of the exhibited artworks displayed offline in this “Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival” will also be displayed, disseminated, and exchanged in the space of “the Crypto Folding Park”. It is available for global users to browse and visit simultaneously in real-time.

In addition, part of the limited-edition tickets of this “Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival” was creatively minted into NFT and distributed in the form of on-chain performance art, so that more people can experience the charm of NFT by themselves.

Highlight 3: Digital Art Forum, the Most Cutting-edge “Technology + Art” Brainstorm Meeting

The forum focused on the four themes of “Inversion of Truth: The First Year of Digital Art”, “All Things Grow in NFT”, “Metaverse and the Native World on the Chain”, and “Multi-Chain Universe: Thinkers’ Forum”.

Highlight 4: NFT Workshop, Teach You How to Create Digital Artworks

This “2021 Cyber Beijing Digital Art Festival” created an exclusive creative workshop, where senior digital artists made presentations for the whole process of NFT design, creation, production, and trading, take people on-site practical experiments, and let them truly experience the fun of digital art from 0 to The festival was mainly divided into three parts: digital art exhibition, digital art forum, and auction of digital artworks,

Wu Xiao’s Speech at Festival

Wu Xiao, CEO of WhiteMatrix Technology Co., Ltd., was also invited to participate in the Digital Art Festival and shared the theme of “From Blockchain to Metaverse” from 10:30 to 11:00 on August 8th. He said that Metaverse is an ascending space that can carry the ultimate fantasy of mankind. Its rules and systems are not the same as the physical world. There are many attributes in Metaverse, which can be used by computer programmers and developers. Defined, including time and space.
Wu Xiao believes that in the metaverse, code is supreme and there are endless possibilities. With no major technological breakthroughs in recent years, the world has fallen into the shadow of anxiety, political tensions, and economic turmoil. All imply that we have gradually returned to the situation of mutual separation of stocks. So we need more capital and more creative developers to create the MetaVerse.

Mr. Wu Xiao discussed the novel “Snow Crash, 1992” and the movie “Ready Player One” and pointed out that in the past time we had not enough resources to build Metaverse but today we have a very good opportunity to build Metaverse. Furthermore, he briefly explained what we can do in the Metaverse world such as experience different lifestyles, go to different worlds, playing racing cars, collect models, go to the library to view historical images, etc.,

A short description of Mr. Wu Xiao’s speech is given below.

Metaverse is an ascending space that can carry the ultimate fantasy of mankind. Why? Because the rules and systems in Metaverse are not the same as our physical world today, we have a lot of attributes in Metaverse, which can be defined for computer programmers and developers, including time and space.

It is an indisputable fact why we need to build the metaverse, the overall resources on the earth are limited. To understand this matter, why we need to go to the metaverse, we actually need a little bit of vision.

Mr. Wu Xiao further discussed why we need Metaverse, and what are the somethings that our world does not have but need to have, he pointed below-mentioned points:

The first one is PERCEPTION. Today we perceive the metaverse. Some technologies are missing. The standard ones are VR, AR, VCI, light, brain-based technology, ray tracing, ray rendering, image engine, many, these are investments And the opportunity for entrepreneurship because today’s humans can perceive the world of the metaverse. If we can’t feel it, especially for creatures without our imagination, we can only see it as believable, and we can only see the world and feel the world is good. It’s so cool. It’s not that a helmet can be dropped after playing with it for a while, but it’s about letting me face the meta-universe world so that we are willing to go up. This is the feeling of most of us, but this is the perception layer.

The second layer is called the REGULATION rule layer. You can imagine that in such an open world when developers and some people from so many countries all unite to build the metaverse, will all its production economic benefits currency be settled in RMB? Not necessarily, will it be settled in U.S. dollars? It doesn’t seem right. At this time, we will find that the underlying rules of its economic system are in the consensus of the world, which can produce economic flows and the properties of currency. Maybe the blockchain is a more important direction, and more importantly, it is actually in the blockchain. In the field, in the metaverse world, its rules and systems are not exactly the same as our physical world today. Many of our laws today are actually territorial. For example, if a hacker did bad things, the police would come and arrest him. , Because most things today are in the physical world.

He also pointed out the problems that can be seen in the Metaverse world such as how to monitor whether these people commit any crimes in the metaverse? How to find out that these people have done bad things and ban them from the metaverse? These are rules that need to be transparent and automatically executed. This thing is particularly suitable for blockchain + smart contract implementation, automatic execution, and under the open and transparent rules, some bad actors will be punished.

The third point, MASSPRODCUTION, the production value of the mainland, I thought it was 5G and Internet-related technologies before, but later I found out that it is not, it must be AI, it must be artificial intelligence, because no matter how powerful programmers need one in the metaverse The paradigm shifts. Although you are very powerful, when you write some code and do related design, you must turn your thinking into a programmer’s thinking. For example, when I write a cycle, everything needs people to think, but For artificial intelligence, the construction of the meta-universe itself is a natural event. Naturally, it should be done by artificial intelligence. It should be supervised learning or reinforcement learning. We humans are only guided by rules for AI. We think about What kind of universe we want to build and what cases we have before, we should naturally help us to introduce it later. This is also the direction we can study.

For the full speech, please visit at: https://www.chaindd.com/3622405.html

The overall content of the festival is given below

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